Suicide is a very serious problem that should NOT be taken lightly.  If you or someone you know even threatens it, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE seek help.  It is available and will help suicidal people realize that life is worth living and things can and will get better.  I, myself, have had my bouts with depression and suicidal thoughts.  I am a cutter as well, and my cutting was often mistaken as suicide attempts which led to hospitalization in the crazy house!!  Fortunately the folks there are well trained and quickly realized i’m not suicidal…….well, after the second hospital stay that is.  My real Issue is BiPolar Disorder.  It comes with extreme highs and lows.   The highs are AWESOME most of the time.   I have so much energy and feel like i’m on top of the world.  Lots of productive things get done when i’m in a manic state, as well as some stunts that were not entirely thought out completely. For example:  My kids and I went to Walmart in the middle of the night and all acted like complete idiots.   There were only a handful of other customers in the store and lots of workers who were stocking shelves.  My son and his friend played in the toy section, riding bikes, throwing balls (baseballs with GLOVES on), etc.  My daughter and her friend were in electronics arguing with the employee about porn.  She kept asking him where the porn was and would proceed to argue with him when he’s tell her they don’t sell porn.  She went so far as to accuse Walmart of selling porn on the black market and a person needed a password to enter the Secret Room!!  There were many other things we did that night, and i’ll write about it in another blog, another day.

I do not know what the statistics are in the USA for suicides, but I am aware it’s an increasing problem due to bullying and other things.  My reason for this particular blog is to ask people to please not threaten suicide if you’re not serious.   It’s NOT a joke and it’s NOT something to mess around with.  There are people out there that need the help and attention and people that “fake” it only make things worse for those folks that truly need help.  I’ve been hearing from WAY too many people that their ex partner will threaten suicide if they don’t get back together.  It happened to me twice.  So, I’m here to share on such story of a fake suicide.

I know suicide is not a joke, but I found this quite comical.  This is an absolutely TRUE story I was made aware of yesterday.  I even was shown the pic in a text that this person sent.  The names have been changed to protect the innocent.  I will call them smartass and dumbass!!

Smartass broke up with dumbass and dumbass continues to harrass smartass with tons of voicemails and text messages.  Saturday, smartass was hanging at a friend’s house having a good ole time while dumbass was continuously texting smartass.  There were several texts threatening suicide.  Dumbass went so far as to send a pic.  Dumbass was in a bathtub, arm dangling and legs spread with “blood” all over the tub in front of dumbass as well as the arm. Smartass called dumbass and said 911 was about to be called.   A little later, smartass received a call from the police saying it was KETCHUP!!  They explained blood would be darker. I further explained to Smartass that the blood would’ve dripped down in a line or lines, but not smeared everywhere and surely not up the arm above the “cut” if the arm was dangling.  BUT Smartass did the RIGHT thing by calling the authorities.  I’m sure panic set in and the picture wasn’t closely looked at.  HEY, I even thought the “cut” looked legit!!  Anyways, you NEVER know if a person is serious or not so it’s better to be safe than sorry!  ALWAYS report a threat of suicide or a person you feel is truly suicidal.  Unfortunately, this threat of suicide happens more than we know when break-ups are involved.  It’s a way for that person to hold onto you.  Just because you’re broke up doesn’t mean you no longer care or quit loving that person, so guilt sets in because you don’t want it to be your fault for their death and you give in and go back to a miserable relationship!!  Truth is, a TRULY suicidal person is going to do it no matter what.  You may have the greatest relationship ever and your partner may secretly be depressed and suicidal.  SO, don’t give in to threats.   CALL 911 and report the threat.  They will send the proper authorities out and if they feel it’s for real, will have a doctor or coroner have them committed for help.  NEVER feel guilty.  It’s NOT your fault and you deserve to be happy.  Y’all broke up for a reason.  LEAVE it that way.  DO NOT go back and be miserable, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.   I’ve had two of these type of relationships.  It’s NOT worth it.  You’ve spent enough time with this person so you should have a gut feeling if you believe this threat will be carried out.  When in doubt, or for peace of mind, Just call 911.

Peace out folks.  You all deserve happiness.  AND if you’re a dumbass, STOP IT!!!  Doing that to a person IS NOT LOVE so just leave them alone.  IF you TRULY love someone, you want them to be happy and not miserable.  SEEK help and QUIT being a psycho idiot.  THANKS!!!

Suicide is NOT a joke


One comment on “Suicide is NOT a joke

  1. if you’re the most beautiful person in the world it hard live with you I have bipolar too and just crazy as you are I love you too the moon as your best friend and husband please I’m on my knees I need u

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